If you had the chance, what superpowers would you give Gregoria “Oriang” de Jesus, stalwart of the Philippine Revolution? Flight? Energy manipulation?  Picture it: Oriang swooping down from the skies of colonial Manila, focused and deadly as she aims a beam of golden light toward a Spanish general. Zap! Pow! And her foe falls defeated to the cold stone floor.

The Bayani Comics exhibit is about that question, reimagining five women from different eras of Philippine history as comic book superheroes. Apart from Oriang, four other women comprise the team roster. There is Apolonia Catra, bane of the American empire; Remedios Gomez-Paraiso, also known as Kumander Liwayway, the alluring slayer of samurai; Lorena Barros, seer and mage, with powers feared even by the necromantic Dictator; and last but not least, Gloria Capitan, defender of Lucanin, Bataan, battling the twin perils of coal and climate change.


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‘Alas ng Bayan’ – a fraction of contribution

By Caysel Amita E. Ercilla, student, Polytechnic University of the Philippines History has an array of telling the story of mother nature, unsung heroines, and how these things are deeply interwoven. Perhaps mother nature and our heroines are never too apart or different, both are homes to newborns and new battles. With the collaboration of the aforementioned bodies combined with an [...]

March 5th, 2020|

THE 2019-2020 EXHIBIT