Alas ng Bayan is a collaborative project organized by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), the Constantino Foundation, and Pilipinas, to raise awareness about the intersections between women, history, memory, climate change, and citizenship.ippine history.

Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities

The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) is an international non-government group advancing fair climate policy and low carbon, climate-resilient development. Based in the Philippines, it is engaged with the wider international climate and energy policy arena, particularly in Asia. It is recognized for its role in helping advance effective global climate action and the Paris climate agreement.

Constantino Foundation

The Constantino Foundation is dedicated to advancing the idea of a usable history, where lessons from the past become active elements of the present. The foundation was established to advance a singular idea: in order to shape the future, the past must play an active role in the present. This is the key to creating and mobilising an informed and involved Filipino citizenry. It was originally named the Foundation for Nationalist Studies by its founders: Renato Constantino (March 10, 1919-September 15, 1999) and Letizia Roxas Constantino (April 9, 1920-June 27, 2016). Pilipinas is building a global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. Pilipinas is a local network of volunteers supporting the Philippine climate movement.