Alas ng Bayan is about five remarkable Filipinas who resisted national oppression, social injustice, and false gender normatives at different junctures of Philippine history.

Alas ng Bayan is a collaborative project organized by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), the Constantino Foundation, and 350.org Pilipinas, to raise awareness about the intersections between women, history, memory, climate change, and citizenship.

The project seeks to introduce and inject history and feminism as fundamental elements in the way young people respond to the worsening state of national forgetting and the climate crisis. The Alas ng Bayan exhibit intends to mobilize sectors not normally active in the climate debate by offering new notions of citizenship and nationalism responsive to the multiple emergencies we face today. Viewers of the paintings and those who listen to the lectures that accompany the exhibit will not fail to sense parallels between the lives of the women depicted and current topics under intense public debate, such as violence against women, LGBTQ+ rights, extrajudicial killings, global warming, and national sovereignty.

The Alas ng Bayan exhibit is composed of five paintings depicting individually the heroes Gregoria “Oriang” de Jesus, Apolonia Catra, Remedios “Kumander Liwayway” Gomez-Paraiso, Lorena Barros, and Gloria Capitan. The dimension of each painting is 17 x 24 inches.   READ MORE

We also pay tribute to the role of art in advancing social change. Art itself doesn’t change society. But art can make people’s minds, make people think so that they can change society. That’s the whole of art. At yan po ang dinadakila natin sa exhibit na ito.”

Prof. Xiao Chua
De la Salle University

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